Posted by: skyshab | January 13, 2009

World’s Smallest Mac Coming Soon, High Def Ready!

At the end of 2008, NVIDIA announced it’s fusion of the Intel Atom 330 CPU and the 9400m graphics chipset, dubbed the Ion. Despite the two companies’ long standing playground rivalry, it looks like the ultra tiny set top computers and netbooks containing the unlikely combination will be in the hands of consumers “midway through 2009”, according to Gizmodo. Ever since NVIDIA officially unveiled the platform at CES a couple of days ago, giving the tech world it’s first chance to see the Ion up close and in person, the internet is aflood with excitement regarding this latest advance in the tiny computer craze.

The NVIDIA 9400m is the very same GPU that recently made its way into Apple’s MacBook line, and the Atom 330 is the processor that is at the heart of the HackBox Media Server that I just finished building. What does this mean? That this thing will make the perfect Mac Nano! While lacking some of the processing power of the Mac Mini (which already leaves something to be desired), the NVIDIA graphics chip is light years ahead of the infamous GMA 950. So, imagine a Mac Mini that is half the size, half the price, dual displays including the option for HDMI, and more than capable of outputting full 1080p high definition video, and you’ve got the Ion. Now we just need a sexier case to put that thing into. Or, we can always hide it behind the remote control.


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